Beterem - Safe Kids Israel

Beterem - Safe Kids Israel is a non-profit organization which aims to promote child safety and create a safer environment for children in Israel.


Our vision is to ensure a safe world for children. We have strived to lead a culture of child safety from birth to the age of 18, being a social and pluralistic organization dedicated to the value of life


Beterem was founded in 1995 at the Schneider Children's Medical Center. By 2003, we were officially recognized by the Israeli Government as the leading professional organization dealing with child safety issues in Israel. In addition, Beterem is the official representative of the State of Israel at the European Child Safety Alliance and has been a member of Safe Kids Worldwide since 2001.


We work in close collaboration with government offices, local municipalities, hospitals and other public authorities by combining a multifaceted approach towards preventing injuries and promoting awareness in child safety.


The organization's activities include multi-systemic measures of information, legislation and regulation.

We participate in public forums and national committees and we are also involved in developing and implementing community intervention programs

We also manage the National database for child injury, and we work to collect data and to publish professional research papers.

Our work takes place nationwide with a variety of demographics, with the activities and programs especially adapted for the particular culture.